Donald Trump is a better storyteller than Ernest Hemingway
Steve Bryant

However much I despite Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ is definitely a great campaign slogan.

“I’m with Her’’ is one of the worst.

‘Inclusion and Diversity’ is actually not something most people are directly interested in. It has the potential to be divisive, as ‘inclusion’ often implies special status for some groups, usually smaller in number, over others.

For example, nobody seems to care that there are no Oscars for Latino Americans, and even though about 15% of Oscars for acting go to Black Actors (since 2000). It’s all about ‘Black people’ who are at least technically represented.

“I’m with Her” also hints at allegiance to someone else. It’s Americas ‘job’ to support this entitled, feminist?

How about “She’s for You”? I mean, you know, doing her job supporting the American people as president?

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