This is a great article, but the use of both “illegal immigrant” and “undocumented immigrant” is…
Sierra Olsen

Utter and complete *rubbish*.

“Illegal immigrant” is a perfectly apt colloquial term used to represent those who have illegally migrated to the US and don’t have status.

You’re objection to the terminology is almost laughable in the face of the fact that everybody knows exactly what the terms imply, and it takes away from the actual issues regarding those in the country illegally.

They don’t belong, and they should go back to their homelands, for the most part.

There are very fair and gracious immigration rules on the books, under which millions of good people come to America every year.

The government has a responsibility to enforce the very basic and fair laws on the books — to do otherwise is totalitarian, treasonous, and a huge blemish to the liberal democracy that is America.

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