“Radical Self-Reliance” Is Killing People.
Kitty Stryker

You think that the ‘American dream is deal’ only because you perceive yourself as a failure.

The ‘American dream’ in reality — is well and alive. Countless millions of people still flock here for work, some to work among the best in their fields, some to escape oppression and horror.

The vast majority of people are treated very fairly in the vast majority of situations. If you don’t grasp that, it’s likely because, despite the fact you probably think of yourself as ‘worldly’ and ‘open minded’) you have never spent a lot of time in a very foreign country, you don’t really speak another language — you don’t have any context at all. Don’t take it so bad — even some of the most amazing Americans are like this.

I’ve lived all around the world and am constant reminded of the opportunities we take for granted in the West. You have ALL of the essentials you need to succeed. There are ‘school shootings’ in America, which are terrible, but in reality, they don’t represent anything in terms of public safety. Statistically speaking — they are an extremely rare phenom — and yet your types use this to characterize the mood or character of the country.

Always looking at your faults, thinking poorly of yourself — you project those views onto your own country. You find faults everywhere.

Why don’t you go into the house of an immigrant from China, and ask them what they think of America? Because maybe you’ll get an earful, and be reminded of what a spoiled, whiny brat you just might be.

You can be anything you want, University and trade schools are nearly universally accessible. Public education is quite good for those who bother to show up. You can chose to be an actor, a doctor, to own your own restaurant. You can chose where you want to live, and who you want to vote for. There are tons, and tons of great jobs out there (often in STEM fields, accounting, business) and in the trades for those who want to do the work and get the right skills.

Stop projecting your perceived failure and misery on those around you and to the world — it’s like a cancer. Nobody is America is talking about ‘extreme self reliance’ — it’s absurd — we all live in Communities, Families, Congregations. Government is 40% of the economy and there are massive amounts of services out there for all types.

You are a great human being, you seem to care, you’re obviously intelligent. Take a page out of the Buddhist playbook and develop *mindfullness* and kill (or let go) of the heart of darkness and radiate positivity, all of a sudden, things will seem to work out for the better. It’s likely they always have been, you just didn’t notice.