Day 1 — Let’s go

I saw this quick TED Talks video about 30 day challenges and thought I might try it out. I’m completely new to writing blogs/posts/articles and I’m definitely not great with the english language. So please bare with me.

I will write 2 posts a week for the next 30 days. This is a total of 8 posts including this one. I’m not an expert but I’m sure that the most complicated part of writing is getting the inspiration. So I decided I will try and describe my life as an Italian emigrant here in London. From when I started working in Italy to right now, when I decided to write this blog post.

Way back in Florence

I’m originally from Rome, and moved to Florence about four years ago. I have a really bad memory, but I’m quite sure it was around 2011. I moved because Rome had nothing more to offer and my girlfriend (now wife) had a great job there. Moving wasn’t too bad, I only had a suitcase, but leaving my friends and family behind in Rome was heartbreaking.

It was a rough start. I had no job, no friends and little money. It was rough, but I loved it. I now had the chance to build something from scratch and share it with my partner.

I dropped out of university because I hated the way it worked in Italy. It was way too boring and I could see that the “Laurea” would end up being a useless piece of paper. But I did like the “IT” subjects I was studying, so the first thing I tried was doing some basic web development. It was great, I was presented with new challenges every day, would have to scrape the internet for solutions, try them out and pick the best.

I started by making a website for free for a friend which turned up to be a good showcase for my first clients. When I sold my first websites (quite cheap) I was very happy. Still quite poor, but happy.

This is the beginning of my journey.

This is my very first attempt in writing something on the web, please let me know what you thought. Its my 30 day challenge, so be supportive!

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