Want a career change? Udacity’s Digital Marketing Program has you covered!

Having moved to Canada from Bangladesh recently, I found myself suddenly wondering how to take advantage of this new start in my life. In Bangladesh I was a small business owner and before that I used to work in Web design and Communications in Switzerland. I suddenly found myself in a situation where I felt like I needed to reinvent myself, acquire fresh skills and focus my time and energy in a specific direction. This was my opportunity to start fresh in a field I would enjoy.

Having researched all areas that i had a vivid interest in, I started to narrow down subjects that I would enjoy doing vs. the cost of learning vs. the time required to learn. This led me down a road of discovery from ecommerce to blogging to Web Developer and many more. I also paid close attention to how much online courses cost vs physical colleges and universities, which cost exponentially more and the benefits that I would attain. With so many options now I was confused and again in need of direction.

During my journey of finding what I could be inspired to do next I came across Udacity. Udacity’s Nanodegree programs immediately intrigued me since they provided courses in collaboration with the largest global forward-thinking companies. In addition you would be taught to create real world projects to create a base for your portfolio which would give you confidence and credibility applying for jobs. In the US you can even subscribe to a job guarantee program after completion of the course or you will be fully refunded. I had never experienced such a confident offer on any site for any course.

As I browsed through all of the nanodegree programs offered by Udacity I noticed a brand new program — Digital Marketing. This was one field that I have always been interested in but never found a course that would provide hands on learning and actual projects with Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising along with a 360 coverage of the whole social media landscape. I jumped on the opportunity straight away and haven’t looked back!

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