suicidal thoughts sink in
She won't talk about it, it's best to keep in it
Day and night she's always thinking

Her mind is a time bomb and precious seconds are ticking away, 
she's about to relapse and you can almost feel the shadow of the devil creeping her way
His breath on the nape of her neck ready to have his way

She opens her eyes to an empty room full of silence 
Dark, a small light from the keyhole shone on her chest as if to show where she needed penance
Evil, she wanted to commit murder and all she needed was to muster enough repentance for atleast its dependants

A familiar figure loomed over her
Heavy breath, steady hands, 
Beads of perspiration begin to form over his forehead
Deeds of castration begin to feel inevitable as she remembers the knife under her bed
Mother earth's ready hands
the only place she'd rather be
Her mother's, the only face she'd rather see
But this man, this despicable man
has duct taped his tiny pictures all over the inside of her eyelids 
Every 5 seconds she is tortured, tormented, raped again and again and again