Where are you today? Where will you be tomorrow? Why are you still worrying about yesterday? Don’t be too quick to criticize, I know I am a hypocrite. I worry about yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It’s often not conscious, but I can feel the stress in my body. That’s one reason why I exercise. It’s also why sound nutrition is critical. The question is, where do we learn how to do all this stuff? Aaron Hairston is a former professional athlete. Now, I played some High School football and have read a number of books about nutrition, but Aaron understands what it takes to get your body into tip-top condition. He’s overcome a number of obstacles. So have I, and I am certain you have as well. For me, the problem hasn’t been so much getting started as it has been staying consistent. What’s your problem? Let’s start with the negative before we turn ourselves around. I can tell you right now, I’m too critical of myself and others. Forgiving myself is on my to-do list everyday this year. What should be on your list? Or, should you throw your list away and start over? #grace #peace #love #hope #isafamily

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