Super Media Me

I’ve decided that if I want to be a popular media figure, I either have to be young and good-looking or have cute sidekicks. So, like the Super Friends, I’m going to go for that kids-love-it demographic.

Introducing, Scammy and Flim! They’re twins and they’re full of fun and great shopping ideas! You can buy all kinds of pajamas and underwear with their pictures on it, or if you want a gag gift, you can get the same underwear with pictures of ME instead! And soon my li’l pals will be putting out their first album, “Cry ‘Til Mom Buys This”.

Yessir, it sure is fun and relevant and youth-oriented here at Tad’s Happy Place(*)!

(*Tad’s Happy Place is a subdivision of TadCo, a wholly owned subsidiary of TadWillCrushYouAll, Inc.)

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