Design Leadership Interview at DoorDash

Hey Helena! Thanks for taking time to chat. Let’s start with your role: what do you do at DoorDash?

Hi Tae! I have the privilege of leading Design at DoorDash. The team comprises Product Design, Design Infrastructure, UX Research, and UX Content Strategy. We build all touch points of our user experience for three audiences: Consumers, Merchants, and Dashers.

How did you get started in design?

Funny enough, I can’t remember a day when I wasn’t designing. Growing up with an artistic mom and an engineering dad, I was a kid who was always drawing and making stuff. Both of my parents taught me to value craft and dexterity. …

Design Leadership Interview at DoorDash

Hello Kathryn, thanks for taking time to talk! Could you start by describing your role at DoorDash?

Sure! I lead the Design Infrastructure team here. At a high level, our job is to enable our partners in design, product, and engineering to build better products faster, and to make better product decisions more efficiently.

We do this by making sure that we’re building the right sort of tools and patterns so that our partners have to spend less time thinking about nuances of UI design and how to actually construct the product. This means they can focus on what the product is and the problems it’s trying to solve.

One of the…


Picking up the world’s fastest growing (and somewhat inaccessible) pasttime becomes easier when you drop your preconieved notions.

Damn, it feels good to be a sports fan these days. With a veritable cornucopia of content available via television, radio, web, social media, magazines and newspapers, getting your sports fix has become a 365/24/7 endeavor.

April is a particularly packed month:

  • March Madness
  • The Masters
  • NBA playoffs
  • NHL playoffs
  • MLB opening day
  • NFL draft coverage
  • MMA
  • IndyCar/NASCAR races

The only thing missing from this smorgasbord of athletic insanity is eSports. As a sports addict (and lifelong gamer), it’s been on my to-do list to add the rapidly growing segment to my daily diet, but where to begin?

I wasn’t…

Tae K. Kim

UX content strategy at DoorDash

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