God is.

Since I’ve come to college in August, my relationship with God has been…somewhat rocky. I have yet to find a church home here and that kinda bothers me.

Needless to say, this (academic) year has been full of ups and downs but one thing I could always count on was God being there to catch me falling. No matter how far we stray away from God’s light, He’s always there waiting for our return with open arms. He’s a forgiving and loving God and for that I am beyond thankful.

I asked my bestfriend…well actually, I vented to him and finally told him about my fight with depression and anxiety. His response was “well when was the last time that you were genuinely happy?” And to be quite honest, it had a been a little minute. And he came back with “the only person who’s going to make you happy is God.”

Now as a person with these disorders, sometimes you don’t want to here about God. Personally, I know that God is in control. BUT at the same token, it’s hard to keep that in mimd when you’re stressed or sad about every little thing.

Well, he went on to give me this advice: Even if you can’t read the bible front to back, get a devotional and spend at least 5 minutes of your day with God on a daily basis. He was completely right. I think that just that small portion or act of reading a daily devotional and praying will help with rebuilding that relationship with God no matter how far we think we’ve strayed away.

And for college students, I think that’s very important. It’s so easy to get “lost in the sauce”. So easy to lose yourself within the academic and social perspectives of college. So easy to get sucked into the party scene. So easy to get booked with events from various organizations or clubs that you’re involved in. So easy to lose sight of the vision or the reason for going to college in the first place.

But with God on our side, anything is possible. We may lose track but like I said, God is always there waiting with open arms.

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