A letter for Jhene Aiko


If you read 2 words out of all of this, read this:

Thank you.

I can’t imagine.

What you’ve been through.

My brother is a cancer too.

And if he died, I would not have been as strong as you.


But, I’m in this bed, stained with sweat.

My body detoxing from all the meds cuz I’m leaving my husband.

The only book getting me through this trip is 2Fish.

Shit, the Bible got some competition.


Am I ready to leave this windowless room?

Haven’t felt the wind on my face for a couple of days.

Maybe that’s why they’re calling me insane.

A breath of fresh air would be nice maybe I’ll go to Jukai.


Where are my Adidas shoes?

The ones with the laces.

Oh wait, nurses love to assume.

They keep them in the other locked room so I can’t move.


2fish, I’m leaving this for the next misdiagnosed kid.

I’ll put it on the shelf even though it doesn’t fit in.

Your book shines a muted sea green.

A color I’ve never seen on seams.

Reading 2fish gave me a break from the 4th dimension.

I read it twice comforted by the fact that I’m not the only one with two minds.

I’m a loco head that climbed Koko head.

One skeleton and one with flesh.


I might have to name my kid after you if I decide to.

Thinking about adopting though…

Not knowing if my blood could pass down my genetic thought flow.

But you have Nami and you look so happy even without a pappy.


So again, I thank thee.

For reminding me to find my inner peace.


Oh and P.S.

Thank you for liking my pic.

The one that says “trip trip trip”.


Tae Daye McCash