Avoid The 6 Deadly Sins Of Cardio Damaging Your Manhood.

Avoid The 6 Deadly Sins Of Cardio Damaging Your Manhood, Testosterone, Shrinking Your Muscle, Premature Aging & Making You Fat.

According to the US National library of medicine, men who practice endurance running (cardio) generally have lower testosterone than men who live a sedentary lifestyle. [1]

Deadly Cardio Sin #1 — Endurance Running For Cardio

This means guys who sit on the couch and play video games most of the time have higher T-levels than you, if your “go-to” cardio is long distance running.

The same study also states that endurance trained males have more reproductive issues.

Which could lead to infertility problems and multiple occurrences of erectile dysfunction and other sex related concerns.

Testosterone is also the driving force behind muscle building.

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Endurance training has been shown to decrease testosterone levels assisting in muscle recovery and growth.

It has also been proven to decrease muscle size and strength.

If you are serious about building muscle or you don’t want to suffer through low testosterone related symptoms such as low energy, E.D., and fat gain, then skip the endurance training and keep reading to the end of this article for the only scientifically proven cardio solution made for men to build muscle and increase testosterone through running.

Deadly Cardio Sin #2 — You’re Not Breathing Optimally

The evolutionary advantage of berthing…may not be what you think.

For as long as you can remember, you’ve always breathed in and out of your mouth when doing any form of cardio.

There is nothing wrong with doing so.

However, what if I told you there was a better way to breathe so you can have greater muscle pumps and improve blood flow to all areas of your body?

And that you could improve your cardiovascular endurance at hyper-speeds compared to prior forms of breathing? Now you can.

A 10,000+ year old running ”trick” used by ancient tribal hunters was the golden secret behind their ability to hunt the world’s most feared creatures, maintain lean muscle mass and still have enough energy to spread their seed and populate the earth with the opposite sex. [2]

Unfortunately, with the invention of guns and other military type weapons for hunting, we no longer needed to hunt on foot.

Therefore, guys lost the masculine trophy our ancestors once carried.

Until now…

Resent research has discovered a brand new Anabolic Running trick that I personally use to stimulate muscle growth and increase my sex drive.

Just like it did for the REAL paleo hunters of the day.

It’s a powerful running technique that saved my marriage and my sex life.

Now, I’m not going to spill my guts out and force you to hear my story as it is very embarrassing and even a bit uncomfortable. I don’t share it with a lot of people.

However, if you were curious about how this unique running technique saved my marriage then you can read more here.

Deadly Cardio Sin #3 — You’re Doing HIIT Wrong!

High intensity interval training is a powerful form of cardio — however, too much of it can actually be a bad thing.

I’ve seen the HIIT mistake played out in several different ways.

One, you are doing too much HIIT throughout the week. HIIT is a very taxing form of cardio.

Your body needs to recover from HIIT just as much as it would need to recover from a one-hour weight lifting session at the gym.

All the body knows is stress. When a lot of stress is placed on the body it only has one option, to adapt so it can handle the form of stress.

After a max effort HIIT session your body needs to recover from the stress by refueling and taking rest when necessary.

Double sessions, and HIIT more than 4 times a week is not necessary and may be slowing down your gains.

Another common mistake for HIIT workouts… you are not exposing yourself to long enough sprint sessions.

Sure, you can see results from sprinting for 6 seconds.

However studies show the longer you expose your muscles to lactic acid (from sprinting longer and harder) the greater muscle gains you will experience and the more fat you will lose. [3]

When doing HIIT properly, you can also increase human growth hormone levels (one of the most powerful hormones for building muscle, burning fat, and increasing energy — also known as the “fountain of youth” hormone) by 530% after the very first session.

That’s right… you can increase human growth hormone levels TODAY by 530%.

Deadly Cardio Sin #4 — Going To Easy

The Center of Sports Medicine and Human Performance…recently published a study showing that unless your cardio workout throws your body into the “lactic threshold” then you will not see any muscular adaptations or additional fat loss. [4]

Going back to deadly sin #1, endurance training (moderate paced running, jogging) does not lead to any substantial benefits for building muscle.

In fact, it was shown to decrease testosterone levels in men which shrinks muscle tissue and makes fat loss a long and frustrating journey. Certainly more than it has to be.

You may not like this… but counting steps and looking at how many calories you burned on your Fitbit after taking a walk around the neighborhood is not going cause any physiological benefit to you if you want to build muscle, burn fat, and increase your sexual performance.

For those adaptations to be made, you need to spend as much time in the “lactic threshold” as you can during high intensity cardio sessions.

If you do not reach the lactic threshold then you are not challenging your body enough to build muscle and burn fat.

Truth be told, most guys don’t know this.

In fact, 7.4 million men in this country have NO IDEA that their cardio workouts are stripping them of their hard earned muscle and forcing their bodies to store additional and unwanted fat.

Deadly Cardio Sin #5 — Not Enough Variety

Let’s face it. Cardio can be very boring.

Chances are, if you’re here, you don’t like spending hours of your week doing cardio and if you’ve made your way through the previous 4 deadly sins, you know that I wouldn’t recommend it one bit.

However, when done correctly, running can build muscle and burn fat quickly and efficiently.

To keep you motivated with your cardio workouts, mix it up a bit. Don’t just run.

Take your Anabolic Cardio workouts on a stationary bike, on an elliptical or ergometer.

You can also use a punching bag for boxing or a rower (although these 2 aren’t the best exercises for the most anabolic results.)

Cardio doesn’t have to be boring. And it sure doesn’t have to be long.

Stick with your favorite cardio exercises.

Keep the workouts short and sweet and make sure you are throwing your body into the lactic threshold.

Deadly Cardio Sin #6 — Not Doing Cardio At The Right Time

Cardio is mainly thought of as a warm-up before a workout.

That’s why you see so many people jogging on the treadmill or slowly pedaling on a stationary bike before doing their strength training workout.

If you are, you may be missing out on a serious advantage.

Again, this all goes back to which type of cardio you are doing.

If you are performing Anabolic Cardio before your strength training workouts then you will have the advantage of human growth hormone pouring into your veins for more muscle growth and fat burning during your training.

If you are performing steady state, light jogging or bike pedaling, then you aren’t doing anything other than “warming-up” your muscles.

There’s no added benefit. It’s a matter of question… What kind of results do you want from your cardio workouts?


So there you have it — 6 of the most deadly cardio mistakes that inhibit testosterone production in men and keep you from building muscle and burning fat.

Now that you have this knowledge you can change the way you train for the better, so you can hyper- activate your results and build the lean and muscular physique you want with the added benefits of heightened testosterone, abundant blood flow to all areas of your body and excess human growth hormone.

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