Can you have a perfect day?

Are you unhappy with the life you live? Are you unhappy? Do you have an emptiness that you can’t fill? Do you feel like starting over? Do you constantly doubt yourself? Do you think that you are not good enough? Are you a failure? Are you afraid to grow? Do you have regrets? Do you feel like you are surrounded by people that drag you down? Are you angry from the inside? Are you afraid to get hurt? Would you like to take more risks? Do you not trust your family? Do you not trust your friends? Do you not trust yourself? Do you lie to yourself? Are you tied to expectations? Do you not know what love is? If you die today, would you have any regrets? Are you not in control of yourself? Is someone else controlling you? Is anyone playing with your mind? Does the opinion of others affect your behavior? Do you let others control your life? Are you not free? Do you feel unhealthy? Do you want to change your lifestyle? Would you like to play an instrument? Would you like to play a sport? Do you want to be the very best? Does this make you unhappy? Why do you do things that make you unhappy? Do you feel insecure? Would you like to be your real self with everyone? Do you hurt the people that surround you? Do you not have the strength to handle these thoughts?

My answer is yes to all of these questions.

Honestly, I could create a list of things that would make me happy for a day. I could be happy for that day.

But what happens after that day?

Will all of these questions go away?

Will I finally have control of my mind?

Would these thoughts disappear?

A perfect day for me would be the day I can say “no” to these questions.

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