did you know nearly every night 1 billion people go too bed hungry but there's more did you know a nourished women have healthier babies who are stronger for life, reducing child malnutrition helps economies grow solving hunger builds a safer more secure world know listen up we have a way too solve hunger. provide food in emergencies. support small farmers. give children vital nutrition.empower women and girls. support local food marts.working together citizens,companies,and governments because every minute 170 more people become desperately poor and hungry.

3 ways too deal with hunger

  1. bulk up your meals,There’s a lot of evidence that bulk — that is, fiber — reduces appetite. So turn up the volume with higher-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans. These foods also tend to have a high water content, which helps you feel full.

2.Have a bowl of broth or vegetable-based soup (hot or cold) for a first course, and you’ll probably end up eating fewer total calories at that meal. Creamy or high-fat soups need not apply for this job — stick to the low-cal, high-fiber choices like minestrone or vegetable-bean type soup

3.Research suggests that low-calorie plant foods that are rich in soluble fiber — like oranges and grapefruit — help us feel fuller faster and keep blood sugars steady. This can translate into better appetite control. Of the 20 most popular fruits and vegetables, oranges and grapefruits are highest in fiber

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