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A Possible Solution

It is a simple truth that parents want to get back to work. It is also true that our kids need to get back to school. But how can we do that without incurring astronomical costs or putting our kids at unnecessary risk?

I think I have an idea.

Schools offer more than just education in these United States. Schools are where millions of kids go while their parents are at work. Babysitting, essentially. But that really only applies to children too young to watch themselves.

If we were to open online learning for high schoolers, as well as junior…

A guilt-free guide to being a carnivore

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Photo by Csaba Talaber

My journey began while homeschooling my children. I had to organize and orchestrate all their field trips in order to give them a well-rounded education. I had to get groups of fellow homeschoolers together so that they would be properly socialized. Trips to interesting places helped me accomplish both.

We learned how athletic shoes were made and cardboard boxes. We learned about trout fisheries and greenhouses. It wasn’t until we went to a big corporate farm that we learned that we must each be willing to meet our meat.

CAFO equals concentrated animal feeding operations and I had no idea…

Why now? What’s changed?

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The United Nations in October, and now the United States in November have released climate reports that are both scary and bleak. Why are we hearing so much about Climate Change? Why now?

The following is a lecture given by well-known climate educator, Erik Michaels in response to questions posed by an audience made up of students and climate activists representing various climate groups. I have attempted to offer it to you in a format that is readable.

Question: How do we solve or stop climate change?

The real issue is in the fact that climate change is a PREDICAMENT…

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And what we have done

Many years ago, breathtaking beauty covered the whole Earth. There were majestic mountains many miles high, the peaks of which touched the sky. From these mountains flowed fresh water in streams so crystal clear they seem to defy reason. Everything was bathed in the warmth and glow of the sun. Daylight brought everything out to play.

It was then that animals and man lived in peace. There was no reason to fear. Abundance for all was the gift. The great mother was the giver, she loved and cared for her children. You could reach up and pluck the ripest, sweetest…

Lessons from the Original Yogis

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“Angel Oak” Charleston, SC

I lay amongst the wet leaves and smell the rich soil.
I feel roots going into the earth like tangled yarn.
Each strand touches, caressing the strands of so many others.
It is an unending chain.

Am I asleep?
Don’t open your eyes.

I’ll stay for but a moment and
feel what a tree feels.

As the breeze brushes softly, my leaves and branches sing a song.
The melody is quiet and soothing.
Like a waterfall gently flowing, the music of the trees sings a lullaby.
It makes drowsy all the creatures who hear it’s tune.

I’m thirsty, yet I…

In the (Ridiculous) News- November 2018

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picture by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

On November 5th, 2018 officials from the Kansas City Health Department found it necessary to pour bleach on food meant for the homeless. The dangerous do-gooders, Free Hot Soup KC, had their supply of homemade chili and sandwiches destroyed to protect the homeless from possible salmonella and listeria infections.

It is unclear what the KC Health Department plans to do to eradicate these dangerous pathogens from local dumpsters and trash bins however. …

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Where your edgy and provocative stuff finds a home.

I wanna start off by saying that the editors here at N&E are not into micromanaging. We are firm believers in the goodness of mankind. Besides, we are all adults and none of us needs babysitting.

Okay! Moving On-

Submission guidelines-

This publication is in its infancy so things are done a little differently here. First off there is no form for would-be N&E writers. Simply email and in the subject line enter “Submission: Your Medium Handle”. Include the medium draft link in the body. …

Why does our mind age slower than our body?

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by Ursula Spaulding on Unsplash

Ask any elderly person, “How old do you feel in your mind?” The answers will only vary slightly. Years of working with the elderly has revealed the answer to be between 25–35 years. I have always wondered why that is.

I am 53 but I must admit, my mind hovers at only 30 years of age. I am not doubting that most feel the same way. I stand in wonder as to why our mind ages at a slower rate than our physical bodies.

The answer may lie within ancient religious thought. Not religion really, more accurately, ancient philosophy. Buddhism…

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