The Great News — 78: 17–20 (Part 3)

We saw the power, knowledge and beautiful engineering of Allah in the previous segment of verses. We reflected on the creation of earth, skies, trees, mountains, day and night, human race, our sleeping, the water cycle. They all point to the creator who has knowledge, wisdom and power.

The creator who was able to build all these wonderful structures in the first place is able to destroy them and create another world. He is able to vanish us and resurrect us. This is the “great news” which the disbelievers were debating about at the time of Prophet Muhammad. And it is the very great news today’s western secular world is also debating about.

78:17 — Indeed, the Day of Decision was an appointed time -

It is a defined appointment that no body knows except Allah. It will not happen until the last human being is born. Then through the blow in the trumpet this beautiful system will vanish. And then through another blow people will resurrect to face judgement and then reward or punishment.

As human being is haste by nature, people were asking the Prophet “when is this day?”. Some were asking him out of disbelieve, and were asking genuinely.

Note that most English translators I reviewed used the present or future tense “Day of Decision is ..”. However, Allah used the past tense “Day of Decision was ..”. It is a linguistic style used in the Quran to indicate that this day will come with 0% doubt, as if it already happened.

78:18 — The Day the Horn is blown and you will come forth in multitudes

From multiple verses we know there will be three blow in the Horn. This verse refers to the last blow when people would rise from their grave and assemble for the day of judgement.

People on that day would come in groups from distant places — from where they were buried. They will start gathering behind their ideological leader. Each group behind its prophet and leader. Prepare yourself from today, and choose your leader!

78:19 — And the heaven shall be opened, and it will become as gates,

This beautiful skies above us looks bullet proof. However, on that day this sky will crack and the crack would increase until it becomes wide open like doors. Angels will start pouring down from these gates.

We know from the incidence of Me’rag (ascension) that Prophet Muhammad and Angel Gabriel sought entrance to the gates of each sky and an angel was guarding each gate.

So, the Supreme Allah who created it first is able to destroy it, and He does not destroy it for no purpose.

78:20 — And the mountains are removed and will be [but] a mirage.

This rigid solid structure is blasted off and becomes like a cloud of dust and nothing remains except like a mirage that deceives the thirsty person in a desert.