Getting started just got a lot easier.

Hashtags are a really important part of our social media process and we use them for tagging content and discovery. It’s how we manage those hashtags that’s important to us and how we can make that process simpler.

All the hashtags

When TagBuilder was launched, you only had the option of adding a single hashtag at a time. That’s no longer the case.

The latest version of TagBuilder includes a redesigned hashtag setup. You can still enter a single hashtag, if that’s all you need to do, or now you can copy and paste an entire list of your hashtags into the app. All the hard work will be done for you as the app saves your hashtags to your group.

We believe this update will be a huge timesaver when starting your journey with TagBuilder as you can now import all your hashtags at once and be ready to go within minutes.


If you have used TagBuilder before, this should look familiar, but if not, this is how you enter your hashtags into the app and how they’re displayed to you.

As you can see from this flow, we started with an empty group, added a list of 18 hashtags and they’ve all been added at once. No more adding a single hashtag 18 times. Just paste, add, finished.

Everybody is different

We know that everybody is different. We also know that everybody stores their hashtags differently so TagBuilder excepts hashtag lists in a number of ways too. The following examples are all acceptable and every single word in the list will be added as a hashtag.

#lists #like #this #are #fine

lists like this are also fine


#lists like this #are #perfectly fine

lists#like#this are #still perfectly#fine


“What happens if I paste a list of hashtags in and I know I’ve already added some to the app?”

Simple. They don’t get added again.

One issue we’ve taken care of for you is hashtag duplication. If you paste in a list of 30 hashtags and 29 have already been added to the app, TagBuilder will find the new one and only add that. You’ll never have duplicates of a hashtag. The app will even tell you if there are no new hashtags in the list you’ve just tried to add.

Your say

This update to TagBuilder may be just one in the long line of planned updates but that doesn’t mean you can’t influence the future of the app. If there is something you think should definitely be added or something you want fixed then let us know.

Getting in touch is easy, you can find us @TagBuilder on Twitter or our website

If you’re interested in checking out TagBuilder on the app store then it’s available here

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