TagBuilder. A new home for your hashtags.

TagBuilder is a new iPhone app which has been built with the sole purpose of trying to help you organise your hashtags. Instead of keeping your hashtags separated in notes on your phone or computer, you can now easily manage them in one place.

The idea

The idea itself isn’t new, there are many other apps out there that do what we do in some form or another. A common theme though is that they’ll provide you with lists of hashtags that have been popular at one time or another.

The difference with TagBuilder is that you’re the one creating the groups and you’re creating the lists. We’re not feeding you unnecessary content. We want to help you organise your favourite hashtags, not somebody eleses.

Groups and Posts

Like so many other people, the hashtags we used on our Instagram posts were stored in notes on our phones. Cumbersome to organise and a pain to select and copy when creating a new post.

This is where the idea for the Groups and Posts sections came from.

A group is, as you’d imagine, a group of hashtags. When you use TagBuilder, you’re prompted to create a new group in order to add your hashtags to it. Groups are never set in stone, they can always be updated. 
“But what if you want one hashtag to belong to multiple groups?” No problem, it can.

Then there’s Posts. When you’re ready to share your next award winning image on Instagram for example, you can create a new Post in TagBuilder. It’s only job is to keep a list of hashtags you want for your Instagram image. Hashtags can be added, removed and reordered. It even keeps track of how many hashtags you’ve added so you know when you’re approaching the 30 hashtag limit.

The idea of groups and posts sounds very simple and that’s the point. It’s the app’s job to do all the hard work. It should be as convenient as possible for you to use.

In a future article, we’ll explain in greater detail the power of the hashtag in TagBuilder and how they can be used.

Who is the app for?

Basically, it’s for anyone who wants an easy way of maintaining their hashtags. It’s not tailored for any social media platform per se, so can be used for any purpose.

It’s aim is to be a home for your hashtags and be the tool to help you effortlessly maintain and organise them. It’s here to save you time. So if you’re someone who uses hashtags on your posts on social media and you reuse and search for new ones then let TagBuilder do the hard work.

The future

TagBuilder may have just been released but there’s a clear roadmap of new features planned with the aim being to be an app which continues to improve to meet the community’s needs.

At the time this post is released, we’ve already taken on board some early feedback and we’re improving the process of moving your hashtags to TagBuilder. You’ll soon be able to add an entire hashtag list which will get added automatically for you into a new group. Making it even simpler to get started.

Your input

If you’re reading this thinking, “yeah that’s all well and good but what about x, y and z?” then let us know. We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas. If you’re thinking it, then there’s a good chance that someone else will be too.

Getting in touch is easy, you can find us @TagBuilder on Twitter or our website

If you’re interested in checking out TagBuilder on the iOS App Store then it’s available here

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