What Jake Appelbaum did to me
Nick Farr

Hello Nick, my name is Sam. I’, so so sorry to hear what happened to you and what kept you from coming back to the congress. Although we never talked in person, i have seen you so many times around the congress and i watched you hanging around at a project where i am involved. You did such a great job in managing all those tasks and projects you were involved.

I sincerely hope you will eventually find your way back to the community and back to Germany. Congress-Events are not the same without your warm, welcoming and humorous way to treat people.

It was sad to hear that you won’t attend Camp, 31c3 and 32c3 and it is even more, now that i read about the real reasons behind this.

I hope, if all of the dust settles, you will again be a thriving part of the community. You are truly missed at the events.

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