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So much this. I came to a similar peace with BvS, though my realization was that the entire movie was a question played out with his main characters: Does one need to be likable to be good? I believe, in his deconstruction, Snyder created terribly unlikable characters who were, unquestionably, good. His movie is centered on this premise, and, in the end, strives to be both unlikable and good. He gets close, but except as an art-piece, fails, at least in my opinion.

However, you are 100% correct that this is NOT the movie WB wanted. I have no idea why they gave this universe to Snyder, known for his deeper than deep concept films, such as Sucker Punch. Brett Ratner or Micheal Bay would have at least given them intellectually fan-friendly fare.

In the end, Batman v Superman is not a good movie, nor is it very likable…and it is a terrible foundation from which to build a universe.