Why Using A Social Content Aggregator Is Not Such A Bad Idea?

While a long crusade has been going on about how content or social media feed aggregators are killing the effects of social networks, there is still a wide chunk of users that believes in the sanctity of this tool. For those unaware, social media aggregator is part of SaaS programs that umbrella all your social media feeds on a single platform and makes life easier and simpler. The significance saga of such aggregators is pretty long and you must have read it a hundred times for sure, so in this write-up, we will be talking about the highlighting points that can help you see the importance of these tools in practical lives.

Remember, there was a time when the web had just a few websites and hardly one or two social media sites like Orkut or MySpace. However, as times evolved, we had a long lieu of such platforms which offered real-time content from real people. This compelled all companies to embrace these mediums and thus, the commercial aspect of social media platform started taking shape. Now, almost all companies are putting in tremendous amounts of resources and efforts in keeping their social media pages updated. But, one place that goes neglected is their own websites as it is the final destination of all conversions and where all profits and losses are to be realized. You can’t find a solution by just retorting to Facebook widgets that are not just ugly but also responsible for bringing down your loading time.

Welcome to the world of ‘social network aggregators’ that can solidify your online headquarter by abstracting the best of all social media channels and updating your page with the latest information. You can not only keep a tab on all your social channels from one place but give a view of latest to your customers, moderate all feeds, and create the most relevant hashtags to be used across all channels for your promotion.

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