STAY ON GUARD! Keep your cyber security TIGHT with tagtog’s source code annotation.

Dec 12, 2018 · 3 min read

$6 trillion is what cyber crime will cost us EACH YEAR by 2021!

Cyber crime's cost is not just monetary — companies have to deal with the fallout of a cyber breach for years. Issues like loss of information, reputation and customer’s trust is sometimes permanent — Ask Hillary Clinton who, in part, lost the elections because of hacked email accounts.

As cyber attacks become more common and sophisticated, so have the security apparatus. Companies and individuals use a variety of tools to keep their systems secure — one such tool is a text annotation system to find malicious snippets in the source code.

tagtog, a sophisticated text annotation software, is already being used by businesses to help identify security threats by annotating code.

Let us look at how this works with a couple of examples –

Business Use Case

An IT manager or a programmer at a company runs into a problem which he can’t seem to crack on his own. Like most developers, he turns to his favourite forum to ask his peers for help. Buried somewhere in all the helpful, genuine advice is someone who is using the situation for his/her advantage. They send along a malicious code and the programmer copies and pastes the code in his system.

Users share (perhaps-malicious) code on forums, like

Thankfully, the company uses tagtog to find and flag malicious lines or snippets of code and soon after the code is added it is flagged automatically by the system and tackled before it could do any damage.

malicious code flagged on tagtog

They have a built a comprehensive dictionary of code snippets and words that works in tandem with the tagtog algorithms to detect suspicious code.

Community Use

Another example of source code annotation is how communities like GitHub could be using tagtog to keep their members safe. Thanks to the models trained with tagtog, GitHub could alert programmers about security threats in the code they submit — making the forum secure for everyone on it.

Similar to the earlier example, GitHub also maintains a very thorough dictionary of codes and snippets which is continuously updated. With this dictionary tagtog is integrated into their processes and automatically marks anything that doesn’t seem right.

All in all has successfully demonstrated that source code annotation can be handled in large quantities and can provide almost real time security to IT infrastructures. The tool is flexible enough to be used for a variety of programming languages and has been tested with java, Python, and JavaScript.

Hope our examples got you thinking about strengthening your security posture!

Now you don’t have to be a big organisation to access these services. The starter pack is FREE, and we recommend that you give it a try.

After all, who knows what’s hiding in your code!

And we leave you with an image of Hillary, just in case you think it can’t happen to you!

Hillary Clinton

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