What if you had this opportunity to practice a real interview from anywhere and at anytime and using any device! Get remarks and guidance for the trial interviews you’ll give? So, not only the students, this will even help companies and placement officers in colleges too to keep a track and evaluation record of the students! The best part — all these good-to-go facilities are available at the push of the button in InterviewAir.

The idea is to ensure that there are no barriers, with candidates able to apply and get job interviews from anywhere. The company’s mission is to get even job seekers from Tier II, III, and IV cities to interact with top companies.

With that in mind, Ridhima and her husband Rohit Taneja kicked off Interview Air. The duo felt that tech in India was growing, and with the focus on Digital India, there was a need to build a platform that ensured that job seekers could easily give interviews using technology.

So What’s in the pack for you?

Create Video Interview

Interviews are ultimate opportunity to impress Companies. Create the best one and keep improving it as an when you feel. Impress the HR managers view your Interview before you met them along with your CV and other details.

Practice Company Interviews

The platform is designed to prepare and practice company interviews multiples times before facing the real one. By practicing on the platform communication skills, body language and presentation abilities can be self judged and rectified.

Get Feedback by Experts

Now get chance to improve on the basis of interview feedbacks provided by industry experts along with your college placement representative, thus enhancing chance of getting your dream job. The interactive platform helps all the candidates to figure out interview mistakes and rectify them.

Choose From Best Jobs

Choose the companies and jobs as per your wish, get the detailed analysis of the job in the form of intuitive design which enables you to take correct decisions quickly.

Real Interview

Answer any random HR questions, popping up, from the pool of questionnaire and make yourself visible to 1000’s of companies across the globe. The platform helps to get rid of judging candidates on the basis of CV where technology helps in broadcasting ‘The Real You’ in front of the potential employers.

Lookup — The Next Round

Present yourself for multiple rounds of interviews without even spending time and money over travelling or moving away from the comfort of home. No matter how many rounds of interviews one needs to face with the company, all can be achieved just in few clicks.

Get Hired Quickly

With the help of “Video Interviews” reach to companies in few clicks and without spending a single rupee or wasting any time get the dream job which you always wanted in a blink of an eye.