Because I will keep on slayin’!

How I kicked life in the butt and became a spiritual gangster.

If someone had suggested the idea of me blogging about my journey to reach my goals towards a healthier and more fulfilling life just a couple of month ago, I would have had a serious case of LMAO. But, here we are. With the encouragement of my ambitiously crazy sisters, I am taking a step into untried territory and starting the birth of my blog Essaence (currently in the makings and will soon launch).

Dreaming is the easy part. The hard part is finding the courage to attempt making these dreams into realities. For myself, it started with social media, a number of negative phases in my life and in turn deciding to pursue a more positive lifestyle. I became inspired by real people; various individuals living their lives doing what makes them happy. Who says I can’t be one of those and join this positive and empowering tribe.

In reality… the real world does not work as smoothly as that. It is hard work that requires dedication, consistency and hunger to learn and grow. We all have our struggles, our joys and hardships. We hit the ground running with hopes, dreams and goals. And life suddenly throws you a lemon. Of course it going to be a hard-ass lemon going straight for your balls (alright, we ladies may not have a pair but we can use our imagination!). I’m sure you get the idea. Failure, disappointment, lack of results and doubt takes over any thoughts of making some delicious lemonade. And darling, I don’t know about you, but that’s a more realistic view I can relate to.

What to do? What to do!?

For those that are lucky, they find something, and this could be anything, that becomes their medicine, their antidote to life itself. This could be something as small as picking up a habit or a complete change of lifestyle. For me that was when I first got introduced to the fitness & yoga industry. Over time, this introduction turned into a soothing balm and from there an eagerness to see change in myself and my lifestyle. It became the cause of many changes to my life, my body, my mind, spirit and soul. It allowed for a new way of thinking. It became the catalyst to stronger and greater me; a coping mechanism to every aspect that life throws at me; the good and the bad. Call it a training session to catch those lemons before they hit.

But if you truly want something, you got to have a little faith and sprinkle that shit everywhere. As I gained more knowledge through books, inspiring & motivating people and life experiences, I saw myself starting a new journey, an ongoing journey of healing inside and out. However, to see change on the outside, you must start on the inside. Therefore, I have a little mantra that I keep telling myself when I hit a low:

“I am young. I am fierce. And I am living in one of the most recognised metropolitan city across the globe. I have the world at my fingertips and with it I have the ability I can bring it to its knees.” — Mantra to self

The world is my oyster, for what I give out to the universe, the universe give back to me. If I have a positive outlook on my life, my choices, my failures and experiences, nothing can bring me down. This is an ongoing journey of healing, growth and development. This means that I will have my ups but also my downs. The important thing to do is to accept that this is normal. It is ok to fail and to feel angry or sad or disappointed. Once you learn to accept these things, you will see how it will change your whole perspective everything.

An ordinary girl trying to give you a sneak peak ❤