The Conversational Economy — 5 Reasons Mobile Apps May Still Rule
Sarah Guo

Great blog. I agree with much of your analysis on the past/present/future of bots and conversational UX. I have been evangelizing conversational interfaces for b2b and enterprise applications and as well for business operations (bizOps) such things as operational analytics (Analytics-as-a-Conversation).

And in many business contexts, the conversational UX does not have to replace the mobile or desktop app, but instead it can “augment”. So you can still have your executive sales dashboard in Tableau but imaging a CLI/CUX mobile interface to it where you can ask questions of your dashboards and perhaps even achieve in the future the holy grail of asking not just “what” but “why”. No this is where AI and ML/DeepLearning really kick in to make the conversation truly intelligent.

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