Old man Sammy had a farm…

I don’t want a computer chip in my arm
I don’t wanna die by a nuclear bomb 
Rush the Pentagon!

Sign of the times, terrorism on the rise
Bomb at the Olympics proxy to start martial law

Bob Marley →cancer →CIA = Something smells rotten in Denmark…

Currently listening to im a african. Rounds of amazing sound!!
“My environment made me the way i am”

It is the product of government that systemically goes rotten. The garbage generated is then grandfathered into a socioeconomic parasite to the allegedly, altruistically “free” market. Eh! Again, smells rotten in Denmark!

And yet, somehow, the bankers always remain to survive! Capitalist pigs!

Lesson learned from the whole economic mess of the late 00's. Real estate bubbles causing loss of land ownership from bad lending practices. Loss of land ownership shuns the social relations of individual! Eh, capitalist pigs!

Pitch a fork at the parasitical institutions prolonging the oleaginously oligarchical orgy, funneled by the lust for greed from capitalist pigs! Eh!