A Nobel, Kind, Helping and Known Personality, Dr. Muhammad Asim

Dr. Muhammad Asim is a doctor from University of Manchester UK and he has done his research on renewable energy resources especially on Solar and Wind Energy. He has a great knowledge in both these fields. He was my mentor for my final year project. The project was also related with solar energy and refrigeration system.

In our project, we have combined two things together which was a unique and new idea. Dr. Asim was very helpful during my project. There were two to three software which were alien for me. But he guided us very well and we were able to complete that project more than we have thought. He provided us a complete road map which we had to follow for completion of project. He was very kind and helpful that we never feel any hesitation to talk with him in any matter during the project.

He always remained in touch with us for the updates and guidance of the project. He went with us to the actual location to get better idea for our requirements.

We always admire him for his so much kindness and responding behavior. During our project, we always use the tool of humility to talk and discuss with him at any matter regarding the project. We always appreciated him for his research and work. We learnt a lot from his experience. Humility was the key for our good relationship. We always show him respect and gratitude.

So, for every good mentor and your relationship, humility is the 1st concern.

Written by,

Muhammad Tahir Javed

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