Ways Of Effective Relationship Building With Potential People

Be Genuinely interested in other people :

“You can make more people friends of you in two months than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you “ as Dale Carnegie in his book “How to win friends and influence people” .

True sincerity and love are those traits which are really effective in relationship building that is more sustained and reliable but to win more and more good and effective relations and friends you have to be interested in them first instead you wait others to be interested in you .Dale Carnegie elaborates this with the help of example of a dog . Dog is most loving and faith full animal found for human . We can learn from dog how he make his owner in love with it by becoming truly interested in him .

“Actually people are not interested in you they are not interested in me actually the are interested in them” Dale Carnegie; so the people who try others to handshake with them first make blunder through out the life” .

True Love with Target Customers:

Success story behind most of the businesses is that they cares about their customers .They cares about the true needs of their customers they give them most quality product , by doing that they are actually showing that they truly cares and are genuinely interested in them. Like the example of Howard Thurston ; He was the acknowledge dean of magicians . He had two main principles , first was that he had the ability to present across foot lights ,all the movements that he performed were amazingly timed and home worked in advance. Second principle was that he had a genuine interest in people it is clearly evident from his following saying “ I never stepped in front of the foot lights without first saying to himself over and over: I Love my audience . I love my audience . Ridiculous ? Absurd ? you are privileged to think any thing you like. I am merely passing it on to you with comment as a recipe by one of the most famous magicians of all time.

Show Interest in lower staff:

Some time even showing interest in lower staff also can be really effective in a business deal like for example sales representative Edward M Sykes states he had a order of more quantity than usual by a drugs store owner because he had the only greeting with lower clerical staff every time when he came to meet the owner of drug store .

Help People while society hates them:

Nothing can be more impressive than to help people and caring in a situation when other people leave them alone for example German Kaiser married a women of a boy who wrote him a letter of interest and care when the whole of nation was against him

Knowing People Personal Preferences:

By knowing people personal preferences like their favorite dishes , favorite songs, favorite colors , favorite pets ,favorite weather , knowing their hobbies , favorite songs and favorite perfumes . By discussing and gifting thing like upper stated common interests can make people more closer , more friendly and more sincere with you .Like for example Mrs. Rosedale got the confidential data from the presidential office by just giving a collection of stamps to the son of the Mr. Walter . In result found great data of confidential nature to prepare a confidential report on certain corporation .

Meet People with Enthusiasm:

If you want to meet people ,lets greet people with animation and enthusiasm. When you receive a call say greetings in so much energy and enthusiasm that clearly show how pleased you are . The caller should feel how pleased the company and how much it is concerned about them .

My Experience of following the Above Mentioned Friend Making Skills:

When I started implementing these interpersonal skills practically in my life I was shocked to see the amazing results of it . It was an amazingly joyous practice to implement these tricks in daily life and evaluating the results of these tricks before their implementation and after their implementation .

On my job place I never became genuinely interested to my boss so that’s why I could not have a productive relation with him . Every time when I went to him to have signature on leave form or any other thing like my proposals he was reluctant in doing that but as I starting these tricks practicing with him he became so blessing on me that he even signed the application of my fuel allowance that was pending on his table since last five months .

Also I started practicing that tricks on every person to whom I have any concern . Results were Miraculous as I became interested in people they in reward were truly interested in me . But before this I was a proudly guy who always expected to other people to become interested in me but remained always failed could make many true and genuine relations my society . But in these five or six days I have now many friends which I think true and amazingly faithful.

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