khudi and self learning:

When I read this qoute of edhi sahb,its realy heart me.Abdul sattar edhi sahb not a well educated but all educators learn from edhi sahb life of principal and his humanity.

“Keep working, only when you work, automatically everything will happen. Keep working, keep working, keep working… You cannot do anything else, just keep working. God will help you.”

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a Pakistani philanthropist who built a nationwide network of humanitarian centres offering a wide range of life-saving services to the people of Pakistan.

I passed my metric from government high school with grade A.I have two opions doing Fsc or diploma,because of my cousin advice i get admitted in diploma field.In first year of my college life I got depressed when I learned that diploma students cannot study higher.Because there have only two seats in UET lahore to get admitted through out the pakistan.When I passed my first year with high achievements I just believe in allah and keep hard working.I get topped in my 2nd year of study,keep hard working.My friends and other students talk that admission in UET is very difficult.These things just down my morale,I don’t know whats happening doing with my life.In these three years of my I just keep hardworking and believe in allah.I apply on UET with so many hopes and finally I get admitted in UET that is greatest achievements of my life.

At the end I wish to say some words from my life experience that is “Our life will have ups and downs in life just like sine curves… so you will see lots of downs in life and lots of ups but see if net result is going upward means you are doing right things and taking right actions”