When you are told that you will not be allowed to sit in exam because of not clearing your university dues and you are clueless at that time because you have no one from whom you can take loan as you have already taken loans from your friend,which are yet to be returned That moment you feel that all the doors are closed and nothing seems to be working in your favor.you sit back and take deep breathe, relax for an hour, again start thinking but this time the aims is to think positively and constructively.you start thinking again this mental process continues for six to seven hour but the end result is the same as was of the first attempt then you start cursing yourself that what to do now nothing is going my way at all.you have no idea that which friend or relative will help me out in this situation.the one thing that you often ignore or forget is to have true believe in Allah who is the creator of this universe.the friends and relatives who you think to take loans from and the fear of not allowing to sit in exam and get rusticated from the institute by the university administration all are in full control of one and only Allah and without his will no one can even think. When start thinking like this and trust him that he (Allah) is the only one who can get me out from this situation.at that specific moment a person text you that i’m ready to help you, exact after two minutes and twenty three seconds another person calls you and he repeats the same spirit in different wordings.this never would have happened if the belief in Allah wasn’t there.so if you feel that you are feeling down,just close your eyes and say

“this is my journey,he(Allah) puts me here,its his plan.so i have to just carry on,trust and believe him”.

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