Arguably the three most powerful words in the human language.

Accountability is my favorite topic. It’s such an empowering trait.

Think of some of the challenges/setbacks you’ve faced in your life. How many times were you accountable for the role you played in producing your outcomes? How did/could that accountability transform the situation?

Verbally (sincerely) apologizing with an “I AM SORRY…” is perhaps the most direct form of accountability. It demonstrates that you have accepted responsibility for the role you have played in producing a (not so favorable) outcome. Reiterate your verbal accountability through changed behavior and your are #WINNINGBIG.

Despite the positives associated with accountability, it still seems to be a lost art. What makes accountability so difficult?


Sometimes it feels like we have allowed the world to place unrealistic expecations on us. I’m not talking about dreaming BIG. No. YOU NEED TO DREAM BIG! I’m talking about making mistakes, coming up short, failing, making a very foolish decision, being imperfect; being a human being. :)

I believe that accountability is the manifestation of personal awareness and personal security. Being accountable for our shortcomings is an acknowledgment of the imperfections that make us all so unique. It’s an acknowledgement of our attempts to realize our potential, as failure is a prerequisite for success.

So I choose to say “I AM SORRY..” very often, whether it be in my personal relationships or in my business. Experience has taught me that people are more willing to be accountable when they believe that it will be reciprocated; Accountability definitely earns you RESPECT.

The blame game is self-serving. There are No Winners. Choose to embrace your imperfections, your failures and your shortcomings; these are the foundation on which you will build your success.

Choose to embrace accountability and watch your life transform for the better.

~Tahirah K-A Banks