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Virtual Reality Development

If the Simulation Hypothesis is correct, what would it mean for aliens to be here? It would mean that nothing more and nothing less than what would it mean for a simulated couch to be in your simulated living room or a simulated tree in your simulated front yard or a simulated crook to pickpocket your simulated wallet. You’re want to some asking a question about the motivation of whoever programmed into our simulated landscape the, and the that and the next thing too including the concept of simulated anomalous lights in the sky and simulated extraterrestrials having their wicked way with a select few of us.

It could well be the fact of the program that as far as our Supreme Programmer — the he them that doesn’t matter so they are responsible for creating our virtual reality — is concerned, we are just trivia. If this Supreme Programmer has designed hundreds or thousands of simulated universes and landscapes, then yes, we’re trivial. But then so too is any simulation or video game that we create. You buy an off-the-shelf video game and isn’t really all of the contents really trivial? But back to simulate aliens.

Since we have programmed hundreds of video games which is really cool that #feature aliens, and produced hundreds of movies and TV episodes (cinema being just another form of simulation) that featured ET, some made even before the start of the modern UFO era, why should we (Royal We) and why should you (as in just you) raise eyebrows at the thought that our Supreme Programmer(s) featured aliens? Many forms of what passes for entertainment are trivial. Our science fiction novels and short stories feature aliens by the bucketful that don’t “have to travel through space, time, space-time, or even a mental space to get “here”

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