The Case of Two Jeremys: Corbyn Comes Out on Top.

Pit ego against integrity, integrity always wins. If yesterday’s Question Time was anything to go by, Jeremy Hunt is ego and Jeremy Corbyn is the better of the two.

The main discussion centred around combatting extremism and ISIS in light of the Tunisian attack, one which shed light on the worst and best of each Jeremy. Hunt chose to drivel in Nigel Farage-esque national narcissism, — “are we going to stand up for what we believe in?”, “do what it takes”, “must not show our weakness”, providing no real solution, instead plucking lines from speak politics 101.

And how are we to fight such extremism?

Bomb Syria said Hunt. But what left me most dumbfounded was the suggestion that foreign policy was an excuse. “I disagree that this is about foreign policy, 9/11 happened before Iraq and before ISIS.” Has Hunt forgotten the 1990 Gulf War? Bush Senior and PR giants Hill and Knowlton in corroboration with the Kuwaiti government, ran what some call the biggest manipulation and propaganda debacle since Goebbels? All in the name of generating public support for an unnecessary invasion.

On October 10th, Nayirah, a Kuwaiti girl, testified the ‘horrors’ of the Iraqi military in Kuwait, ‘stealing baby incubators from hospitals and leaving babies to die’. The media, and Bush Senior in particular, ran with Nayirah’s testimony, drumming up spectacular public support. Only for it to be revealed as a false staged testimony from Nayirah, then disclosed as a member of the Royal family and daughter of Kuwait’s Ambassador to the US, for the sole purpose of positive public opinion.

There’s always a cause and there’s always a solution, a simple fact Hunt refuses to acknowledge, but one Corbyn faces head on, treading where politicians dare not — the black hole of truth. “We’ve got to think through the policies we’ve been following for the past fifteen years in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, are they not a contributory factor in the collapse of so much? […] We’ve made some catastrophic mistakes and we’ve encouraged growth of some of these groups”

Unlike Hunt, he proposed common sense solutions not formed on impulse and authoritative arrogance. “We need to respect all religions, reduce Islamaphobia and racism, and not bomb Syria which is only going to worsen the situation in a country embroiled in a four-way civil war […] ISIS didn’t come from nowhere, its weapons didn’t come from nowhere, we sell vast amounts of weapons to Saudi Arabia, how may of those end up in the hands of ISIS?”

Echoing the words of Nick Tyrone, it is the incorrect language like “I declare war” that still surrounds terrorism which is very harmful, “it makes us sound like we’re full of steam, which actually potentially places us in more danger”. Hunt, unfortunately, showed himself to be an expert in empty rhetoric. Although simple in its form for such a complex situation, Corbyn showed himself to be calm, intelligent, collected and appropriately aware, with no party bashing in sight. I applaud you.

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