Being an Active Listener

We human beings have been blessed with wonderful instruments that we use every day to interact with our world. Listening is one of them and it’s such a precious gift. Being an active listener is such a beautiful thing as it shows your interest towards the person to whom you are listening.

There are five ways to become a good listener:

1. Silence

2. Mixer

3. Savoring (Mundane sound)

4. Listening Position

5. Acronym

I tried this activity of “being an active listener” with one of my friend. I used to listen to her thoughts anytime as she feels important because of this. First, I listen to her carefully and actively then I appreciates her on what she was said. Then I simply summarized the stuff what she said and make suggestions and questions to solve her queries.

Well, it’s really good to listen to someone who is special to you too.