Informational Interview

Informational interview is such an amazing thing which I realized this after conducting this. Most of the things I already know before but it seems very real if you hear this by someone else experience.

I’ve conducted the interview of one of my friend who is working as a sales executive in a property dealer business. So, here we go:

1. What is your job like?

I’m a sales and marketing executive who is engaged in sales & marketing of land. (Plots and houses)

2. What are the duties/functions/responsibilities of your job?

Relation with your customer should be strong enough that both of you can communicate easily. You should know the strategies/techniques to maintain your customers.

Your customers should be your first priority.

3. What kind of problems do you deal with?

Miscommunication is one the main thing which you have to deal with.

(Applies to both; your customers & management bodies)

4. What kind of decisions do you make?

We are free to make decisions at our own to facilitate our customers well.

I’m having a rights of middle level management.

5. What percentage of your time is spent doing what?

About 70% of our time is being spend while facilitating & communication with our customers.

In this, in person & telephonic communication both are involved.

6. Why did this type of work interest you?

We are free to communicate with any type of person in market i.e. bankers, accountant, HR etc. We stay in touch with a lot of people and because of this we got connections.

7. How did you get your job?

I got this job just because of my strong resume which is based on my excellent academic and interpersonal skills.

8. What are the most important personal satisfaction and dissatisfaction connection with your occupation?

Satisfaction is that I’m getting experience in my desired field along with this it enhances my market knowledge.

When people have no knowledge regarding their stuff and they keep disturbing even after addressed them well; it leads to greater dissatisfaction.

9. What other jobs you can get with the same background?

I can get job in various disciplines like banking, HR, management etc but I’ll prefer to go for insurance company.

10. Do you find your job exciting or boring. Why?

I found my job very exciting because it involves a lot of public dealing and it’s a great pleasure for me to interact with people.

11. What are the skills that are most wanted/important for a position in this field?

Your communication skills should be very strong. You have to be stay updated.

What you have learnt from this informational interview:

I’ve learnt a lot things by conducting this interview.

Especially, I came to know that it’s very important to have your dream job if you really want an internal satisfaction from your job.

Communication skills should be very strong so I’ll focus on it because it will also help me enhancing my market knowledge too.

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