Reaching out to HR Professionals to practice Equip and Real

  1. In your practice, how important do you think it is to be yourself in an interview?

In an interview you need to be yourself because it provides you a comfort zone. Means, you don’t need to fake things.

2. How do you identify if a candidate is being real or not during the interview?

Candidate’s attitude, confidence level, interest etc shows that is he real or not?

3. How do you identify if a candidate is fully prepared/equipped for an interview?

If he is confident, justify all this answers then he may considered as fully equipped.

4. What suggestions you may have on how to be fully prepared/equipped for an interview?

To be equipped, you need to do some initial and basic research on company. You may show your passion and interest through your dressing, punctuality etc.

The things I have learned from this activity are really very important and informative. Actually, these are the things which are common but we usually neglect them as a result we may fail. So, you need to polish yourself very well.

3 Takeaways from both — Equip & Real:


1. Always be prepared for any situation. (To work under pressure)

2. Do practicing the things.

3. Must know either your equipment’s are good or not?


4. Don’t exaggerate things.

5. Say whatever you want to say. (Don’t hesitate)

6. Don’t lie.

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