Ian M Clothier — Electronic Artist

I visited Ian M Clothier — electronic artist and co-founder of Intercreate Trust in his New Plymouth home studio, where we discussed his projects. Namely the Haiku Robots which at the time he was exhibiting at Puke Ariki Museum New Plymouth — New Zealand.

This is a series of photographs taken at both his home studio and Puke Ariki Museum in September 2009.

HAIKU ROBOTS: literally sends numbers to the computer, based on their changing location at the boundary of the project space. Numbers can be converted to text, just as a phone does. Over time, word lists are generated and these are searched through for strings of words that can be construed as poetry.

Ian M Clothier, Haiku Robot, installation at Puke Ariki Museum, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Ian M Clothier — Puke Ariki Museum — New Plymouth — New Zealand.

A haiku robot word list:





DISTRICT OF LEISTAVIA: Hybrid micronation The District of Leistavia, where online response and voting forms were used to create the Leistavian Constitution and query cultural identification.

Originally published at the10sonsofmanu.com on August 4, 2016.