Millions of users uses web applications that fetches data from the server using GraphQL. Its spec was released and open sourced by Facebook on 2015. Upon releasing, the reference implementation of GraphQL was written using JavaScript.

However, the reference implementation have couple of drawbacks. First of all, the lexer and parser of the implementation is handwritten using a dynamic language like JavaScript. Considering JavaScript does not guarantee type safety, it means that it is easy to run into run-time errors. …

If you are a developer and you have not heard about, I can confirm that you are missing a great community. It’s a community where developers shares their success stories and frustrations. You also get free stickers if your rants get enough upvotes from the users!

devRantron is the unofficial cross platform desktop application made for devRant by us, the community members.

There is a feature in devRant called “Collab”. This is where the users can share ideas and get collaborators. When the features was first announced, some of us decided to work on a cross-platform desktop application for…

React Redux Router

If you are a JavaScript expert, chances are you will love this ReactJS and ExpressJS duo. The problem is, just like any other JavaScript framework, it requires a lot of boilerplate code. Thanks to the open source community, we have got a huge amount of boilerplate codes ready for us to use when we are starting a project. This blog is about a boilerplate project that I recently updated. There is a lot of libraries bringing this project together and it is worth to write a proper explanation for all of those.

Here is the link to the code if…

Recently I have seen a lot of articles comparing this two popular Front-End library. Which makes more sense than “Angular vs React” because Angular tries achieve a different goal compared to React or Vue. But is it really a debate? I do not think it is about which one is better. It all comes down your or your team’s background and preference. Let’s take some typical comparisons on the internet and explore them.

Simple App/Style Comparison

Please, stop this. Stop showing the difference between two simple hello world app and try to justify one is better than another. If you are writing even…

Tahnik Mustasin

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