Service Work Is Skilled Work. Get Over It.
Hanna Brooks Olsen

Be sure to leave tips for your barista folks. Their work is hard, especially at a high volume store like SB. In some places, SB is one of the best employers around because they offer health benefits, paid online college tuition, and a steady job. Most of the workers there have a good work ethic, yet are looked on as peons by their patrons. As a sign of the times the coarseness and the “me me me” trend in our society, they must endure bad behavior by many of their customers.

Check this out…I witnessed a (male) customer at SB yell at the person behind the register to “F Off!” when she apologetically informed him they were out of half and half (talk about a 1st world problem!)….Like it was her fault! Ironically, I saw another man shortly before him order a double espresso in a large cup, and fill it with half & half to avoid paying for a more expensive drink. Seriously, I wanted to grab the insulting Ahole by the neck, yank him out of the store and bitch slap him to the ground. But that can land you in jail so I refrained. Instead I followed him out and as he was walking away yelled, “Hey Ahole! How would you like someone to talk to your mother, wife, or sister like that?” and went back inside to finish the news article I was reading.