Yes, Bernie Sanders Would Have Defeated Trump
Michael Tracey

Everyone keeps ignoring a demographic that cuts across all races and age groups: 2nd Amendment supporters. Bernie was capable of understanding the difference between Chicago thugs, and the rest of of them, didn’t lump them into a basket of gun loving deplorables, and didn’t threaten an “Australian type gun ban”. The DNC, Debbie, Uma, and HRC really didn’t understand how much of the population are not limp wristed mind controlled silly nanny state urbanites. When we say “From my cold stiff hands”, we are not kidding. Yes, that means we will die, actually die, you know like kill or be killed, to defend our right to cling to our right to defend ourselves and our nation if need be. What HRC supporter would die for any of their favorite causes? Fifty years ago the government was begging us to learn to shoot and be ready to defend the nation (selling us all the left over WWII hardware like M1 Garands, M1 Caribines, 45 ACPs etc. for bargain basement prices and encouraging involvement in the Dept. of Civilian Marksmenship), and then somewhere along the line the Democrats decided WE were the enemy, and we see the long arc of their plan to disarm the population. (Soros, Bloomberg, Weinstein, & Co.) And who the fuck is joining the military, national guard, and law enforcement; liberal people who hate guns? Everyone depends on us to keep them safe, but then lumps us together with the gangsters we’d like to see incarcerated or kicked out of the country. So fuck all you anti-gun nuts who fall for the misdirection of the Brady Bunch who live in the “It’s a Small Small World” fantasy ride. Like in the hippie days of my youth, as we said, “We are everywhere.”