Fuck You Startup World
Shem Magnezi

Fantastic! One of the few articles where the f-bomb in every sentence is actually warranted. I’m an old techie fuck, and the neo-naive myopic super capitalist world of startup dreamers who think they’re liberal but who are really all about becoming super wealthy at the expense of every worker employed by established ways of doing things shows that they are total hypocrites. Few actually try to do a startup that has a definite positive purpose for mankind, like medical devices, etc. It’s all about getting wealthy through “disruption”. People are proud about disrupting small businesses’ operating models in order to funnel billions into a tech monster. For example, despite the advantages of their service to some users, Uber wasn’t created to make it easier to get around or make the world a better place, it was created so that the founders and venture capitalists who backed it could take over and the worldwide taxi industry, plain and simple! Great for them, sucks for cabbies who were supporting families and had not many other options in life.

The startups I was involved with in the the 80s and 90s were more about building the infrastructure and content creation tools that have enabled modern day communication, but sadly what I see is that the vast majority of bandwidth and human energy going into it is spent on Kim Kardashian’s ass, FB narcissism, and pointless jabbering.

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