Why Women Smile at Men Who Sexually Harass Us
Hanna Brooks Olsen

LOL, obviously you DON’T know how to handle it best, because what you were doing did not make the homeless drunk guy give up. And I’m sorry, but your BF sounds like a whus. Sorry if it offends your liberated sensibilities, but if you don’t want to go so far as to tell the guy to F off, then maybe it would work to have your back turned to him while you’re facing your BF, and the interaction is nil. If I were your guy, I’D tell the guy to buzz off, and if he didn’t, give him a death stare. If he came closer, back off. If he still came closer, kick his ass and stuff him into his shopping cart or the trash can next to the bus stop. (Of course, I wouldn’t be your guy, because you obviously want a metrosexual guy, not someone ready to fight and die for something worth protecting.)

Or you can just continue to complain about men being attracted to you, which is basically fighting evolutionary drives with which men are born. Surprise surprise! We’re programmed to try to meet women both by genetics and society! We even go to bars and online venues. Some large percentage of women WANT men to initiate the conversation. I guess you’re suggesting that only women should initiate conversations with strangers of the opposite sex, lest it be called “sexual harassment”.

Personally, the only people who have sexually harassed me have been women 20 years my senior, easy to shoo away, or gay men, some of whom put their hands on me like your bus incident, tried to unbuckle my belt, tried to get me to do it for a better job in Hollywood, or put their hand on my thigh and made lewd remarks when I was 8 at a family friend’s wedding. So I know the feeling of unwanted attention, and how to deal with it. My techniques work.

Rerun of an old movie. Funny how 20 and 30 somethings think what they’re experiencing is something new in society.

P.S. Democratic POTUS LBJ once whipped his johnson out in public to a female reporter who asked him, “Why are we in Vietnam.” Now THAT’s something that would be hard to deal with! (no pun intended)

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