Fuck the NRA
Wil Wheaton

LOL! Wil, you’re a Hollywood guy and despite being part of a community who thrives, making billions on serving up violence involving firearms in every night and starring in a fantastic series whose drama hinged on the dangers of the universe, you apparently don’t know anything about firearms. I’m all for firearm safety measures that make sense, like background checks, limited capacity magazines, no full autos, etc., and don’t own an AR15, but I have to point out that an AR15 is pretty much the same as most other semi automatic rifles. So the obvious conclusion from your point of view is to ban all semi automatic rifles. Okay, if that’s your position, fine, then say that. You should be attacking the 50 million people who own these things as much as the organization that lobbies to keep them legal. Let’s get it straight, people support the NRA because they support the cause for which it exists; protecting the 2nd Amendment. I certainly don’t agree with their immutable hard line positions on everything, but I do realize that at the heart of it they’re defending the right to bear arms in general. And they’ve existed long before commercialism and consumerism became prevalent in the firearm world.

Back to the mind control of the media for a second, it is a well established fact that media drives interest and demand for products, and is a strong influence in modeling behavior. Duh! I wrote a paper on this at Berkeley long before you were born. Shows like “Wild Wild West” were cancelled back in the early 70s because there was a movement against the portrayal of violence based on the idea that violence on TV propagates violent behavior in the public as it becomes perceived as the norm for responding to stressful situations. But hey, money is all that matters right? So Hollywood murders hundreds of people per week to put the pazazz in shows that lures viewers in. If people are concerned about violence in real life, they should boycott all shows that depict violence as a solution to any problem.

It’s laughable that California law defines the primary feature of an AR as a center fire rifle with a pistol grip! But I’m sure such technical matters are too complicated for a TV actor to understand.

If you are really worried about being shot by some nut with a semi-automatic rifle, that’s a sign of a paranoid obession, since the odds of being killed by a texting or cel phone holding & talking or substance impaired driver are about 1000 times higher. You really have consumed too much of the Koolaid that the anti-firearm cabal has poured your way.

Now switching to your writing style, what the fuck is wrong with your fucking brain and your fucking stupid ass motherfucking mindless class of felching dumbfucks that you can’t think for yourselves, but only act like dumb fucking parrots echoing fucking piece of shit mind control mantras from the left? Maybe you should get back on your fucking meds, get more sleep, drink less beer, and step back up to 10K+ steps / day so that you can fucking think clearly and fucking form a somewhat reasonable argument that is based on fucking good understanding of reality. Oh, but you’re in fucking Hollywierd, so you fucking don’t have to fucking understand reality. Grow fucking up.


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