Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

Susan, what you describe as the echo chamber that FB provides is what I see coming from my Medium feed of recommended articles. It’s all left of center opinions. Almost every single article I read here purveys a “progressive” view. We see articles with a painting of Hitler with Trump’s face, but no article with HRC with Stalin’s face superimposed. I’m not saying she’s Stalin, but the point is, it’s all one way. Inflammatory extremism on one side, but nothing on the other side. There is very little balance here. Articles on guns, feminism, history, whatever, are always from a “progressive”point of view, and often absurdly skewed. Only in the comments sections do I see a smidgen of other points of view. And BTW, just the word “progressive” has a positive connotation to it; It’s almost like saying “the movement for good and justice”.

I grew up in what I would term a “liberal” household. In those days, we thought “liberal” meant being open minded, wanting fairness and equality, etc. But it doesn’t really mean that anymore.

I’m of a similar age as you with more perspective on history and politics than most here. I was one of the kids who was almost kidnapped off the streets under a Democratic “liberal” president, and sent 10,000 miles away to kill people or else be killed. I have friends and family that did come back damaged or dead. In retrospect we see that the “liberals” were just as bad in many ways as what we thought of as paranoid closed minded “conservatives”. I had leftist college room mates that termed themselves as Marxist/Feminists, and others that were Marxist/Stalinist/Maoist/Leninists. They flew the N Vietnames, North Korean, Chinese, and Russian flag. They advocated the overthrow of the US government even if it meant killing half the population for the benefit of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. That’s some serious stuff. So just as the progressives worry about Trump’s right wing stances, I remember very well how things can swing out of control to the left. We can all notice that nobody immigrates to Communist countries- those countries who sought to eliminate differences between races, sex, and most of all socio-economic classes. Gotta love the Symbionese Liberation Army and the Black Panthers, because they were just fighting for justice, right? Just like the wacko inspired by the BLM in Dallas. Pfft!

So although I find many interesting articles here on Medium, I do recognize the editorial slant of the “recommenders”, the “deciders” of what is propagated.

“Something’s happening in here, but you don’t know what it is, do you Ms. Jones”?

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