The big BBC salary reveal
Tash Richardson

The big question is, are on-air personalities at the BBC paid based on viewership statistics like they are in the U.S., or is it just up to management to throw a number out there at a prospect and let them take it or leave it?

Most of the staffing inequities I see in real life are based who applies for the job, and it’s not based on sex or ethnicity. I work in an engineering lab with (sadly) 33 other men and no women. Women just don’t apply for the jobs in our department. I guess many would say that’s because sexist parents don’t encourage their daughters to study math and science. That’s the parents’ fault, and the daughters for following their parents’ sexist leanings, not “society’s” fault at large. Duh.

Physically unattractive people never even get a shot at high paying broadcast jobs, and are often passed over in countless other areas of employment. Seems like there should be more people talking about that.

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