Ten months ago, I rebooted my life. This is my monthly check-in for August.
Wil Wheaton

The sleep and depression thing is widespread, and you made me laugh in the way you expressed it. You reminded me about the drivel on the internet with your statement about responding to stupid twitter remarks. Who the fuck cares? I don’t give a shit about stinking140 characters burps of random sarcasms and verbal drivebys. Twitter is for losers and marketeers. But Dude, 7K steps?

Up the pressure on yourself, man. Maybe leave the city if you live in one. To put it into perspective, I’m almost 20 years older than you and 6K is just doing stuff around the house and property. My normal daily hike is 15K up a mountain ridge and back down. A bigger hike is 30K with a backpack, also through mountainous terrain. A normal day of psychopathic small penis compensating (LfuckingOL at you loosers who look at it that way) searching for a wild animal to kill and shoot with a 9.5 lb. rifle I carry (I call it “hunting”) along with the backpack is 20K. But then I have to carry the corpse of said victim back and skin the fucking thing. Hey but I get freerange organic meat for all that work and am thankful to be able to experience the real world. Yeah, 60+ and I’m a tough motherfucker, even after surviving cancer and spinal surgery, not some metrosexual cocksucker like I see when I work in shitholes like Hollywood or Manhattan. You need to get into shape. Maybe then you’ll sleep better.

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