What you need to know about the battle for Mosul, Iraq
International Med. Corps

Well, at least they are not being treated like German citizens of Dresden and Hamburg were during WWII, when we liquidated hundreds of thousands in just a few nights of carpet bombing with incendiary weapons. Like the German citizens of 1935, many of the disaffected Sunnis of Mosul did welcome ISIS into their city when they arrived. By the time ISIS was the new authority thought they might have realized this was a mistake, it was too late. The American Administration made a huge mistake when they allowed themselves to be kicked out of Iraq with no conditions, unlike the withdrawal of major forced from Germany and Japan. We let Iran call the shots with the Shiites we left in power, allowing them to neglect and mistreat the Sunnis to the extent that many backed ISIS as a savior of sorts. Personally, I think we should have handed them a copy of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and said “Do something pretty close to this, or we’re not leaving.”, and backed that with overwhelming force. We clearly didn’t finish the job, and pulled out too soon. But again, that goes back to going in at all and deposing a leader that was keeping the lid on historically warring sects.

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