What I Have Learned From Photographing 400 Towns in Iowa
Cody Weber

Your multiple reference to what is portrayed on TV is spot on. I have made that comment to my wife many times. Except for the apartments that Seinfeld’s characters live in, we’re supposed to believe that living in a $4 million house in Santa Monica is average or just a bit above. Take “Modern Family” for example. Two story houses, beautiful yards, etc. Same with other shows depicting urban dwellers in NYC and elsewhere. It’s not real. “Leave it to Beaver” and “Andy of Mayberry” was though.

Those middle class houses in San Jose and the flats of Sherman Oaks are now $900K+, while 30 years ago they were $150K, and 40 years ago 30K.

I have railed against the Globalist movement for over 15 years now. Bill Clinton wiped out the undergarment industry down south when he signed a trade bill with India that suddenly allowed finished cotton goods to be imported with no tariffs. Same happened with more industrial manufacturing jobs. My argument against that to Bay Area elites was “Tillie the textile worker and Mike the machinist need jobs, and they certainly can’t be retrained to be software engineers.” Globalist’s argument always was “America is a land of innovators, not worker bees.” I dispute Thomas Friedman’s “The World is Flat” conclusions that Americans must learn to compete with the world. He and other Globalists posit that this is a natural thing. Economic systems are not like the weather, they’re man made! (They might want to look at what Mao and Stalin did to achieve “economic equality”. One might say that’s “natural” too. 100 million killed.) It’s not a level playing field when economic and human rights of workers, labor conditions, cost of living, etc. are not equalized, and when currency values can be manipulated. Our leaders sold us out. It’s hard to blame Chinese leaders for trying to screw us, that’s their job! It’s OUR leader’s jobs to insure we have a decent society in which economic prosperity is on the rise and people don’t want to revolt.

Circling back to the inflammatory orange guy, he’s the only one really calling a horse a horse, so yes, his message resonates with the masses and even some of the well to do. When someone says they left the WH “broke” but can make $200K giving speeches to Goldman Sachs and are suddenly sitting on a couple hundred million, their sympathy for the rest of us sounds even more hollow than a billionaire guy who has used bankruptsy laws to his favor. Forget the racism, forget the sexism, “it’s the economy dummy!” I wish they were forced to talk about specific economic plans rather than the distracting drivel that is constantly presented in the news.

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