Facebook s*cks.

In the very beginning Facebook was a very good idea how to stay in touch with your friends and pals all over the world. But with time passing by, it evolved step by step in something more and more complex. Together with its features, evolved its commercial part bringing one by one new ways to earn on the audience. Finally, monetization’ve become the ultimate goal of all new features.

Being quite reasonable thing on the one hand, this turned out to be awfully terrible on the other: the company makes its investors constantly happy while users become more and more confused of the network.

I assume you already mentioned that now Fb wants you to stay on the website as long as possible. We can say that current ultimate goal is to submit the whole Internet with just one web-site. This brought to live several features, that made it impossible to like Facebook idea.

Feature #1 You should know everything. Literally.

For this purpose you receive more and more updates from each of your friends. Every like or comment appears in your feed as you scroll it, keeping it infinite.

Probably, if you have quite a limited number of so-called friends this won’t bother you a lot. But as their number grows, it’s difficult not to get confused with the increasing amount of content you have to dig through.

I have more than 600 friends. Of course, I didn’t intend to read updates from all of them. I barely know half of this people. But some part of the second half is for sure of interest to me. I would assume that all in all I could wish to see constant updates from roughly 100–150 users. If everyone of them posts an update just once a day, this will be already a huge pile of news. Luckily not everyone is that active.

But the thing is that now I see every move they make on Facebook — every like, every comment, every share & every post. In time when not every sinlge user was on the network, or not everyone wanted to post updates from time to time, it would make sence. But now, when every singly web-site on the Internet has Facebook’s like- or share button, what’s the need of showing me every single clicks on them?

Honestly, this drives me crazy. Especially, if we remember about next feature:

Feature #2 Your timeline is not YOUR timeline.

Yes, it’s Facebook timeline. It’s Facebook who desides how often should you see a post you don’t have any interest in. In my case, it’s roughly 3–5 times a day, even though I scrolled it without reading, paining no attention to the content or comments.

But one of my friends did. Yes, I have no doubt this is important for him. But it’s still of no importance to me. Never-the-less, Facebook has its own opinion. And he doesn’t care about mine at all.

The moments I like most of all — I call them “living deads” — is when network decides that a new comment to a two-years old post is of interest to me. And yes, I didn’t “like” or comment this post two years ago, I still don’t want to. But this shouldn’t stop me from reading it, right? =)

If one of my friends is very active today, I’ll be doomed to watch his activities over & over again, not being able to stop seeing his comments under discussions I have no intent to join in any possible way.

My news feed will be changing every single time I decide to read it, bringing old stuff & hiding new stuff because this or that post has not that much comments & likes. This means it’s not very imporant, right? So why bother showing it to me?

Yes, I can hide unwanted posts one by one, but this means I still need to read them all, manage each & everyone of them. And repeat this routine every single day. Not the kind activity I’m looking for.

But there is even more:

Feature #3 Don’t worry, we will change your settings ourselves. Yours Fb.

Did you ever tried to switch between top stories & most recent ones? Well, first, you should guess there is a setting like that. Then you have to find it. Though, it’s not that difficult, that’s true.

But then you have to monitor this setting everyday. Everyday, Karl! As you never know when Facebook decides to switch it back from “Recent” to “Top” as for some unknow reason network thinks this should be “by default”.

I’m pretty sure that’s not the only setting been changed by Fb, but this one bothers me a lot.

And probably there is even more what I can’t see. Facebook constantly changes its algorythmes of how to show updates from my friends (my friends, not his) without asking me. I can live with the last feature mentioned (and for for quite a long time I did), but new “improvemnets” made me feel more & more seek.

Unfortunately, there is no setting to set-up news feed the way I want.

As I can’t manage it, I had to “hide” my friends. Real friends & pals I wanted to stay in touch with (sorry, guys!). Instead of keeping an eye on ~150 people, I do it only for ~30, and this number gets smaller & smaller.

And this sucks.

P.S. Well, news about making its own Medium just supports simple idea that Facebook doesn’t want you to live site for anything.

P.P.S. Fb Messenge, on opposite, with time became more & more user-friendly.

P.P.P.S. I really wander if there are real people who are happy with what Facebook does.