Most Memorable day

8th January 2017, A Day, a Memory, a Happiness. It is the last day of Amal fellowship. And actually it was the trip to the walled city of Lahore. We decided to reach Amal campus at 8:30 and then leave for liberty for breakfast so we did the same, we are all very excited and reached on time. We went to liberty at about 9 am and had breakfast at Bandu Khan. It was good experience to have breakfast there. It was casual Lahori breakfast which

include Puris, Halwa, Pickle, Yogurt. It was so delicious. We have mandatory photo sessions there ;)

we set out to the greater Iqbal park as planned, I went to this park for the first time although It’s been 3.5 years, I have been living in Lahore but I never get a chance to visit Iqbal park (Greater Iqbal park), Badshahi Mosque and Lahore fort. So I especially was very excited about it, as I always love new things, so after gathering there in Iqbal park we planned to visit Gurdawara, Usually they don’t let in Muslims but luckily with the approach of one of our fellow Arslan Javed we got chance to visit Gurdawara, we went in.

it is like the Tomb of our saints. We have to wash our foot and cover our heads before entering the room. Room was very clean and well decorated with the golden water work on the walls and there is a book, Sikh consider it there GOD and worship it.

Then we went to Lahore fort, it’s historical and amazingly built place. We bought tickets to let in and then first we saw well and had photo sessions there, from there we went inside and saw all the places of the fort, Aseesh Mahal, and other places, we also played badminton there. I feel me very good to see such nice place in Pakistan.

It’s our heritage and I am thankful to government for keeping it safe and clean.
 We went Badshahi Mosque afterwards and also see the “wall of jinnat” there. Where people have written different prays. All the fellows were very excited and we were making gossips and having fun there.

It is almost 2 pm now, and we all are hungry now so we decided to eat lunch, for it we set out to “food street” and decided to eat kARAHI. But we couldn’t find any place which have karahi at that time. At last we found a “Sardar Machli farossh shop” and eat lunch. 
 After the dinner we met each other and said good bye, we feel sad and happy at the same moment. As we have completed 1 step of our journey and become good friends, we decided to meet again and again.

These kind of trips and outings are very necessary for the refreshment of mind, they not only make the day memorable but also create a deep relation with the people.